Monday, October 1, 2012

Hazel-Nuts and Acorns

                            "Then came October, full of merry glee." ~ Spenser

Today is October 1st! I love it when a new month starts on a Monday, I feel like There is a clean slate before me with no mistakes in it, that I can mess up and scribble in. Today (of course) was raining. But it was such a beautiful autumny rainy day that it didn't matter. My sister Cate and I woke up and went on a run in our coats all around the golf course path in our neighborhood. We came back and had hot oatmeal with berries and yogurt. Mom had her left over grain free pancakes with a black-berry sauce she made. I was a tad jealous. We did school, I did violin and then the rest of the day I did homework, wrote or read and sipped tea. I drove dad and I to get some fresh eggs from a farm close by in our area, it was a beautiful drive passing the yellow cow pastures with different colored cows, and gazing at the changing leaves on the trees. (Don't worry I looked where I was driving too) It was so nice to not be busy for a change and have absolutely nowhere to go. It was the perfect start to a great and exciting new month! 

I also tried some new foods and recipes that I'm super excited about! Have you ever tried chia seeds? I've read so many places how beneficial they are and that they have more omega-3 fatty acids than flax-seeds. So mom and I finally bought some and we really like them! 

A few weeks ago My sister Lauren who is expecting came to visit with her husband and little girl Gabriela. Ela and I had fun picking apples together. Perfect for getting into the groove of fall.

The apple tree

She loves to run and pounce on you

Mom made a lot of fried apples  

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