Sweet Potato breakfast

Breakfast, usually, consist of eggs in some form, with some kind of breakfast meat, or fruit.  But really anything goes.  This morning we were craving a carb breakfast so I baked some sweet potatoes, then cut them in half.  I melted some ghee in a non-stick skillet and put the potato halves, cut side down,  in the skillet and let them brown and caramelize  While they were cooking I chopped some apples and put them, peel still on them, in another skillet with melted ghee and let those bit size morsels caramelize.  I threw in a few chopped dates, some fresh lemon peel and nutmeg.  Once the potatoes and apples were done, the rest was easy.  I placed the taters in a bowl, cut a slit down the middle and topped them with the warm apple mixture.  A little drizzle of honey and ahhh, perfection.  A perfect way to start the day.

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