Food Sensitivities

Nan isn't the only one with a restricted diet.  Five years ago I began to develop severe hip and joint pain.  After an elimination of wheat and gluten in my diet , I discovered I was truly gluten intolerant.  What an unthinkable thought for I absolutely loved bread-- making bread and eating it as well.  My mother makes the best bread, rolls and other delicacies that I can no longer enjoy.  But I did give it up and found that I had no more pain and could run once again.

Just this summer I began to have pain in the joints of my knees.  After more  research and another elimination diet, I found out that I am sensitive to the nightshade vegetables.  What are those, most people ask?  Yummy tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes and peppers--green, red and yellow!  Again another favorite food group eliminated   What was going on?  Nightshade foods have been associated with arthritis and my pain was so great that giving up this food group was easier than I thought.  No nightshades, no pain.

My eating plan at this time is what is now called Paleo.  I eat organic meats, vegetables (no nightshades)  fruit and nuts.  Very simple and so delicious as I have found out.  I feel amazing and have no pain in my body. I feel energetic and strong.  I am taking no medications, only a few vitamins and minerals.  I am running two miles, 3-4 times a week and doing yoga at home.  I also walk my Yorkie, Gigi, a couple of times a day as well.  I love to cook and have found so many wonderful recipes from blogs and websites and cookbooks that I eat a variety of these foods.  I am determined to keep up with my youngest, who are teenagers-- and my two year old granddaughter, Ela.  Another granddaughter is arriving on November 15th!  I want to stay active so I can teach them how to cook and sew.  I want to run, kayak and hike with them!  Life is an adventure, constantly changing and new, and food, for me, is a part of that!

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