Monday, October 1, 2012

The battle continues

The battle is not yours. It is mine.  2 Chronicles 20:15

LBS.  What does it mean?  Low blood sugar to any other person just might mean you are hungry and you feel a little edgy.  I know I do at times.  But to some, it is a serious condition.  It causes severe emotional and physical symptoms in those who experience hypoglycemia.  And it is a condition that can be managed, if taken seriously by the one who has it and by their loved ones.
Nan, for the past month, since she began running Cross Country has had many severe LBS attacks.  Two weeks ago her dad and I were ready to send her to a counselor for help.  It seemed that nothing we said or did made a difference to her.  Her LBS was constant and her anger and disposition, unmanageable. She saw herself as a healthy, normal weight girl, but at 5'11" and 113 lbs. she was slowly starving herself.  Eating became an issue with her and food was bad in her eyes.  Through much prayer, many talks with us and her sisters, she allowed God to work in her heart and stomach.  So many foods, she claimed, made her stomach hurt.  I think she was just hungry and experiencing hunger pains that would never go away.  True she needs to stay away from sugar, dairy and gluten, but all other foods are ok for her to eat.
So we began a journey.  She allowed me to fix all of her foods the first week, snacks too.  She put up with my encouraging her to eat seconds, to make dessert, to enjoy every mouthful of food.  I had to remind her to eat every two hours, to never leave home without snacks, to plan ahead her meals, and that all foods are good for her (she only eats very healthy foods anyway.  What teenager gets excited about buying chia seeds?!).
I felt battle worn, but  it is a good thing that I am stubborn and lean on Jesus.  I told Nan over and over that I would never give up on her (the sad thing about LBS is once the anger mood is past and they have eaten, remorse sets in and guilt).  We told her that we are here for her, no matter what.  I told her she is a fighter, strong in mind and spirit.  With God, she cannot fail.
So today I can reprot Nan hasn't had LBS all week!  Thank you Jesus!  She ran XC on Saturday and placed  6th out of 177 girls, through the rain and mud, setting her best PR!  She did experience stomach discomfort before the race, but she persevered.  Way to go, Nan!

Here she comes to the finish line!

With her sister Cate, who finished fourth, just seconds ahead of Nan.  Both are fast girls!

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  1. So proud of her, both of you are fighters! I have been praying for ya'll. Its so worth it to feel better, and I know this has made ya'll stronger.