Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Staying Strong

Mom is one of the strongest women I know.
Being a mother and teacher of five girls takes a lot of courage and a lot of patience. One thing I also think is cool about mom is that in college she went on a week long hiking trip in the mountains with some other students and hiked all day,slept in the open night air and rock climbed a mountain. And she loved it! It's not easy to be strong all the time. Especially when your pushed to your limit. Mom, like me is allergic to gluten but also night shades which is hard when your favorite foods are tomatoes, cheesy potatoes and homemade bread. So when one day, a month or more ago, I mentioned a cleansing eating plan for 30 days (whole30) where you don't eat a number of foods such as dairy, sugar, grains and legumes mom looked skeptical. But once warmed to the idea we started the first of September and I lasted literally 3 days. Mostly because I could barely run because I wasn't eating carbs. I know if I had stuck it out for at least 3 weeks my body would adjust, but with cross-country I didn't have 3 weeks to run badly and so I regretfully abandoned mom and she was on her own. I thought she would stop too but she kept at it. Pretty soon she'd been eating like that for 29 days and she looked like a new person. Glowing and feeling wonderful. It felt good to see mom that way. Now, the 30 days up mom's been feeling so good she's still sort of eating that way. Except now she's eating more of the paleo diet. I'm so proud of mom for sticking it out and learning what is best for her body. And I'm so lucky I get to partake of her delicious paleo desserts!


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