Friday, September 21, 2012

The race

So much preparation goes into cross country race day.  They must eat the right foods, get plenty of water and sleep, stretch and prepare mentally.  Once the race begins they are out there drawing on their reserves and hopefully performing at their best.  It is most disappointing when you are watching and hoping for the best  when you can see that  she is suffering from low blood sugar-again.  What to do?  Nothing but hugs and a congratulations on a job finished, after all she did come in 5th!  Yet knowing she is upset with herself, makes me feel let down too. I know she can do better, but my goal is for her to feel better.
Before the race on Monday.  It was a beautiful sunny day

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  1. UM thanks for sending me the link to this blog! I love it! :) Can't wait to hear more!