Monday, November 5, 2012

Yes, please!

Always Hoping for the Sun

Although today is Monday and we are back into school and chores, it is a BEAUTIFUL sunny day today!  To celebrate after lunch, we finished up our favorite chocolate ice cream--HAZELNUT FUDGE!

Ice cream is definitely a treat on an LBS diet.  We found this at Whole Foods and it is made from all organic ingredients.  The basic ingredients are coconut milk, agave, cocoa, vanilla extract and  hazelnuts.  It is positively delicious, the only negative is it goes so quickly!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Living with LBS

I will not lie.  Living with someone with LBS is hard, but having LBS is harder.  For Nan it's not about cheating and eating unhealthy foods.  No, she has a lot of self-control in that area.  For her it's about eating only healthy, organic food-- and she wants it to taste good as well.  Since I like to cook so that's not the hard part either.  What's difficult for  Nan is getting enough food, enough of the good proteins and carbs.

Otherwise she lives in a perpetual state of hypoglycemia.  I can always tell.  Her eyes get glazed and she starts to complain and all of a sudden a perfectly sunny, happy day turns dark and cloudy--in her mind and body.

 So the trick is to eat three good sized meals a day and three or more snacks.  The snacks need to be protein and carb.  One of her favorites is almond milk and a gf muffin or an apple with a scoop of almond butter.  And it's vital to always have a snack or two with you when you leave home. Essential.

 LBS goes wherever you go.

Always Hoping for the Sun