Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A rainy day

Well, so much for the sun!  Today it is pouring rain.  I know we need it and I'm glad because my hydrangea bush was looking pretty thirsty.  But yesterday was cloudy and drizzly too, yet  Cate, (daughter number 4) and Nan still ran their cross country race--getting their best time yet!  Rain and cloudy days...  

All of this brings me to Sunday, Nan's 16th birthday.  Guess what?  We awoke to rain.  Sigh.  Our plans for the day were to picnic and hike four miles to the top of Moore's Knob at Hanging Rock State Park.  Then return home to grill out lamb and turkey burgers.  Well Claire's, (daughter number two), husband thought it might clear up and we all voted to go.  Mary (daughter number three) and her fiance, Andrew joined us.  I'm so glad we did.  It was so much fun.

Before the hike.  Our family tradition is that the birthday person gets breakfast in bed.  Nan got GF waffles with raspberries, bacon and a dish of goat yogurt topped with berries.  For a special treat she had real maple syrup!  Yummy!
Nan and Mary enjoying our picnic.  We had rotisserie and fried chicken, cauliflower salad, mashed potatoes, green beans and chips and hummus. 

The hike.
We were in the clouds.
My Yorkie, Gigi, is amazing!  She hiked the entire way.

Back at home, after dinner.  Nan is pleased with her GF blueberry pie, instead of birthday cake. A fun day
of exercise, time with the family, good food and celebrating Nan's life.

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