Saturday, December 22, 2012

Climbing Mountains

We know it is Christmas time and should do a post about Christmas, but We've been saving this post for a looong time now and  finally have found time to write it all out.
Each daughter, on their 16th birthday got to go on a surprise trip to somewhere new and interesting.
I, Nan turned 16 in I got to do something I have always wanted to do. Hike part of the Appalachian trail!!   So on October 21st mom, dad, and me drove 2 hours into the mountains...

Birds migrating on the way to the mountains
There was a swing at the cute little cabin we stayed in
And a river across the gravel road
It was late when we finally got to the cabin so we cooked up some dinner.
Sauteed veggies, shrimp, sweet potato fries and salmon with sauteed onions.

The next day we set out to hike the Appalachian trail... 
And we met a lady hiking with her pet goat...
So cool to be there!!
On the trail.
It was a beautiful day 

Eating a gluten free sandwich for lunch

Dad was tired

We loved hiking carvers gap, the day was beautiful and the hike was the perfect challenge!
That night we cooked apple compotes in the fire and potatoes for dinner outside our cabin.

We also roasted organic chicken apple brats 

And mom and I goofed off...

SUCH a fun day! Loved every minute of it! 

The next day we made a big breakfast and drove to climb Mt. Mitchell, Highest peak east of the Mississippi River.
This was the view as we rode in the car.

It was definitely a difficult climb, we got lost once...but so fun!  

Proud we made it to the top!

Eating some lunch at a picnic table on top of the mountain.

And then the descent back down...
 I loved both mountains we climbed so much! Each day was just as fun as the last. After hiking, we piled into the car and stopped at a little country shop to buy fresh apples and other vegetables. Then we drove all the way home.
It was an incredible experience and one I will always remember! I was homesick for the mountains weeks afterwards!  For the sound of the river laughing outside my window in the morning, the smell of pine and fresh cool air, cooking over a fire, the way you stand on top of a mountain and feel nothing else really matters  and for getting to know my parents a lot better! Yes I loved turning 16!

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