Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Please don't tell me it's mid February...

I have been slack.  The days have gone by and I haven't taken the time to update our journey.  It's been an up and down LBS journey.  Right now we are in a good place, I think.  Nan is determined to gain 10 lbs, then 10 more and who knows after that:)  She still battles thoughts that make her not want to eat and a tummy that doesn't hold a lot of food.  This is literally a stretching time for her and for me.  For her as she learns to continue to overcome the negative thoughts about food and to endure the stretching pain of feeling full after eating.  For me to continue to encourage her and to not become discourage when a setback occurs or  when I think she is not progressing fast enough.  Thankfully we have a Savior to go to and he gives both of us the courage and strength to continue.
Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.  Our family continues the traditional custom of giving up something in order to remember all that Christ suffered for us when he gave his life for our sins.  This year I am giving up my laziness about running in the winter and will run at least five times a week.  Today I ran in the drizzle, fog and cold, none of which I like.  But as I ran, I praised God and prayed for people I know who are suffering.  I recalled all that Christ has done for me  and my run was over before I knew it.  I liked that closeness with God.  I look forward to tomorrow's run.
Our really fun family trip to DC in December.
Cheers, Nancy

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  1. You guys are doing great. I can really tell that there is more peace in both of you. Going to start running nxt week!